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Animal Feed Mixer

BerattaAgri feed mixers has been produced after a long term R&D ,like all of our machines and has a special place between its competitors.

Standart specifications ;

  • Electric controlled forage exit ,the exit can be opened and closed by pussing a remote controller botton.

  • Friction limeted shaft, which is placed betwen the gearbox and gear up box protects the tractor and machine in case of an emmergeancy stuck. 

  • Wide angle shaft, which is placed between tractor and machine allow to run the machine on turnings and also protects the machine and tractor. 

  • Spherical bearings ,which is placed on the joints of the ladle and pistons extends the life of the joints and make the movement easy .

  • Screw mounted ladle which is placed on its strong chassis give the oppurtunity to transport forage in to the machine even it is full with water without any lose. 


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Tecnical specification:

  • weight:2480 kg 

  • widht/lenght/height:185cm/415cm/258cm

  • volume:6m3 

  • Min.Tractor pover:35Hp

  • Knife quantity(Set./moving.):2/6

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