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Swinging Cow Brush

    Beratta swinging cow brush is the most enjoyable toy of a cow in a field. It relaxes the cows which are desperately in need of itching; especially in the special term of changing hair and when they fight with the fungi. It takes their stress and help the cows relax; as a result, milk production increases up to %15 percent.


​    Some distinctive Features:

  • Our patented hutch design covers all the electrical parts, prevents the animals to reach these parts and also prevent water to harm these electrical parts. The machine can be used under rain and snow without mounting under a roof.

  • The joint which is placed on the top of the hutch increase the load of the machine while brushing therefore it prevents the brush to go on like a wheel and ensure more efficient brushing.

  • The special flexible rubber cable and its stainless-steel cover endure many years and the cover prevent the cable from bites.

  • Pressed brush which is consist of 7 parts has the perfect softness for the cows and calf’s

    We definitely believe that our brush will pay its cost in a short time as increasing the productivity and running too many years without any problem.

  • The angel sensor let the machine to run when the animal pushes the brush until it gains the adjusted angel. The brush is on duty 7&24 and serve your health animals.

  • Tail protection sensor first stops the machine for 3 sec and then starts the brush to term the other side. If the animal can't save its tail the sensor pauses the brush.

  • Different side turning program let the brush to turn different sides each time it runs this is so important for the plastic brush hair to curl one side.


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Technical specification;

  • Weight 54kg

  • Wide/Length/Height:62cm / 52cm / 120cm

  • Motor:0,18kw /220v./1480d/dk

  • Gearbox Ratio:31d/dk

  • One singing cow brush is ideal for 20-30 cows

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