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Tree Shaker Harvester

   It has been designed on the base of quality and efficiency. it is a heavy-duty machine. it is too easy to shake walnut, olive, apricot, sour cherry and most of the other fruit trees. The machine doesn't give any harm to the trees and roots.

   Some Distinctive Features:

  • When the machine is running, the necessary force can be easily met by central eccentric.

  • Spherical bearings which are placed to the joints extend the machine's life as reducing wear.​

  • Three level vibration Adjustment let the customer to tune the shaking force.

  • 10mm Galvanised stell rope which is clamped with thimbles under press pressure can easily handle the necessary force to shake the tree.

  • With the help of   Many other details, we are expired from our professional experience, The tree shaker has gained the customers admiration and add extra value to the brand of BERATTA

ÇALIŞMA 1(ingilizce)_edited.jpg

Dimensions: Width:70cm Height:70cm Lenghth:45cm Weight:85kg

Package Included: Beratta tree shaker machine+10mt Galvanised stell rope+ Cloth rope +cardan Shaft

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